The Brand Story Messaging Framework

A guide and framework for organizational storytelling 

Brand Story Messaging Framework 4

Is your team on the same page in regards to why your company exists, what you do, and how you do it better than anyone else?

If you can’t answer with a confident yes, maybe you’re dealing with one or more issues such as:


Inconsistency in communications that leave customers confused or skeptical
Uninspired marketing that fails to speak to the emotions of the customer
Too many benefits and calls to action that leave the customer overwhelmed
A new target audience, service, or brand mission that needs to be addressed 
A transitioning team that is unable to clearly communicate a quick and compelling elevator pitch

The solution to these issues? A concise and inspiring brand story.

Brand Mantra.Free Brand Story Messaging Framework

What (really) is a brand story?

A brand story is a clear and consistent message about why your company matters, why you exist, and what you stand for.

Yet, developing a brand story can be overwhelming. How do you fit all that you do into a short story?

This is where our Brand Story Messaging Framework comes in. It defines each piece of your story and then pulls it together into a pitch that resonates with your customers, team, and stakeholders. 

The Brand Story Messaging Framework will provide: 

Clarity for leadership and staff to get on the same page
A compelling story that can be integrated into your website and about page
Content ideas and captions that can be used in your social media
Themes that can be used to create evergreen blog content or videos

Now you may be wondering—okay, but what does a messaging framework look like and how do you fill it out? 

Good news!

Our unique Brand Story Messaging Framework and overview guide breaks down all the different elements that should be considered while drafting a brand’s story and how it is told.


Download your guide today!